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“Media That Matters” Film Festival: A Valuable Resource

Jul 03 2012 Anna Paustenbach
Media that Matters: Film Festival poster

The Media That Matters Film Festival is one of the first and largest online film festivals, annually debuting twelve films under twelve minutes. The short films cover a range of social awareness and critical commentary topics, from urban beekeeping to strategies to reduce infant deaths in India to profiles of peanut farming to explain globalization.

One of the festival’s most popular films, World On Fire, is a Sarah McLachlan music video that took $14 to make and compares the typical cost of a media set in Los Angeles with various programs for international need, from schools in impoverished countries to tents for refugees. Reflecting on spending norms within pop culture is a call to action to reconsider economic distribution.

The festival is unique because of its medium -- the internet -- where it is accessible and immediately available. Because of its accessibility and the range of topics the films cover, Media That Matters is a valuable resource for starting dialogue about civic issues.


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