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Teachers’ Inquiry Project Recommended Resource: The Prospect Archive of Children’s Work

Mar 30 2012 Joan Bradbury
Piece of Art from Prospect Archive of Children's Work
Featured Art at Prospect Archive of Children's Work

The Teachers' Inquiry Project (TIP), a partner of the Center for Civic Reflection, is dedicated to providing educators with participatory, inquiry-based workshops and seminars across Chicago. Anyone who is interested in TIP's programming or passionate about children, art, and human expression should check out this amazing online resource: the Prospect Archive of Children’s Work.

This collection of student work from the children at Prospect School in North Bennington, VT has been around for many years, but is now much more widely available because it is in digital form, and part of the University of Vermont Library’s special collection. Here’s an overview from their home page: “The Archive is a unique resource, offering a longitudinal perspective on children’s thinking and growth. It has been used for many years by teachers and other educators—employing methods for collaborative study developed at the Prospect Center—to further understanding of individual children, of children in school, of what in the educational setting supports their learning, and ultimately, of larger questions about human work, thought, and capacity. It is Prospect’s hope that the children’s work and supporting material on this site and in the Special Collections Library at UVM will be used by educators to continue their study in service to the idea that each child offers something new to the world, a fresh perspective, a renewed meaning, and that it is the work of education to enable that emergence.”

Not exactly the mainstream view these days...

I know for me it has been the close collaborative look at children’s work through the Teachers' Inquiry Project and its programming that has sustained me, helped me regenerate and focus anew on children, their work and their growth. Enjoy and explore!



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