Why Civic Reflection?

Why engage people in reflective discussions? What does this work do? And what does it accomplish?

Discussion participant expresses his thoughts

We do civic reflection...

  • Because listening is a skill that takes practice

  • Because people are thoughtful if they are given a chance

  • Because talking across difference is critical to any meaningful social action

  • Because leadership requires good questions, not just answers

  • Because reflection builds and sustains people--and communities

  • Because reflection helps people engage in their communities, and democracy needs thoughtful, engaged citizens


The 90% - The Benefits of Civic Reflection

Over 90% of the people who participate in our workshops and discussions report three important benefits of civic reflection discussions:

  1. Increased clarity about their own beliefs, values, and assumptions

  2. Stronger sense of connection to colleagues and community members

  3. Renewed and sustained commitment to their work and the communites they serve

But that's not all. Through ongoing research and evaluation across sectors we have identified six key outcomes of our work. Visit our impact section to learn more about these outcomes and to see over 30 case studies that highlight the impact of our work with CCR partners.