State Service Commissions & National Service

​We may agree that service is a good thing, but that doesn't mean that it's simple. It engages a variety of perspectives, identities, and competing needs. How do service participants talk across difference? How do we make authentic connections both with the people we serve and the people we serve with? Civic reflection helps state service commissions and national service groups to explore these questions and support service participants across the country.


  • Higher rates of retention and a noticeable increase in renewal
  • Improved relationships between and among program staff and service members
  • Member development and satisfaction – with 70% of participants saying that civic reflection increased their commitment to serve.

View impact case studies that detail CCR's work with state service commissions and national service groups.

What People Are Saying


At OneStar Foundation, the organization’s, and thus the staff’s role is to manage AmeriCorps grants. So we’re a step back away from the direct service – the good work that AmeriCorps members are doing out there. So taking the time off the tedious paper work, the “boring stuff”, to talk about why we are doing what we are doing and rethinking why the administrative work is critical in the service world, is valuable.


--OneStar Foundation Staff Member


Attending the Center for Civic Reflection’s training made us realize how valuable reflective discussions could be for people involved in conservation. Too often, our work focuses on addressing particular problems with specific solutions. There is not much time given to reflection.


--Jeannine Richards

Communications Coordinator, Aldo Leopold Foundation


The Justice Talking curriculum is an excellent resource. The materials provide for excellent reflection and bonding among our members.


--AmeriCorps Program Director, Ohio